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How to put up a tapestry in dorm room without using nails or anything that will leave holes?

The easiest way is USING Refill Strips You need to prepare the tools: Refill Strips Clothespins(2 or 4) scissors Step 1: Cut the Refill Strips with our scissors at the width of your clothespins. Step 2: Paste the Refill Strips to the back of each clothespins. Step 3: Mark the four points you want to hang on the wall and then paste your clothespins on the four points. Step 4: Grab your tapestry and then pin it to the wall with clothespins. That’s all,very simple,just do it! And if you are finding where to buy wall tapestries, have a look at our collection here.

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How to hang a tapestry on the ceiling – 4 easy steps to make it stay

Hanging a ceiling tapestry can bring fantasy feeling to your room like living in a dream world. This is not complicated, but there are still some ways to apply in case falling your tapestry on you in the middle of the night! There are the following 4 ways to avoid making holes in the wall: You need to prepare the tools: Pencil Ruler Magnet/Velcro Step 1:Measure the ceiling size of the room where you need to decorate the tapestry Step 2:In order to better hanging,Mark the same pattern on the back of tapestry and your ceiling. If you use a Velcro strip, you should mark the same lines of Velcro tape on your ceiling (from the inside of your wall...

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